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Chocolates, Gum & Candies:

Chocolates: Rahil trading has a rich variety of well-known chocolates and candies. All of our chocolates come in 18, 24, 32, 36 and 48 count boxes consisting of pro-longed dates. The sizes available are both king and regular. Chocolate brands that Rahil Trading provides are Nestle, Hershey, Ritter Sport, Mars Inc, Ferrero and Cadbury.

Gum: Our organization also carries various types of gum. The gums are available in both 10 and 12 packs. Some brands consist of Wrigley, Cadbury Adams and Mondelez International.

Candies: Similar to our chocolates and gum, Rahil Trading also carries many varieties of candies. All of our candies have pro-longed dates with affordable prices. Some brands include The Willy Wonka Candy Company, Nestle and Bazooka Candy.

Energy Drinks & Protein Bars

Rahil Trading knows the importance of low prices, which is why majority of our energy drinks and protein bars come right from the factory with minimal middle processes. Some brands that we provide are Red Bull, Coco- Cola, Rockstar, 5-Hour energy, CLIF and Quest Nutrition.


Rahil trading knows the importance of day-to-day drinks reaching your shelves, which is why 30% of our inventory consists of drinks. Some brands that we provide are Coco-Cola, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Glaceau and KOYA Aloe.

Health & Beauty

From cream, bandages, deodorant, medicine and shaving tools, Rahil trading carries many health and beauty products tailored for your store. Some brands that we carry are Colgate – Palmolive, Beiersdorf, Gillette and Band-Aid.


The demand for snacks have recently been increasing exponentially in the convenience store sector, which is why we make sure that our clients are exposed to popular brands. Some brands that we carry are Mondelez International, Mars Inc and Kellogg’s.

General Items

Rahil Trading has a wide selection of general items that would be a perfect fit for your store. We know the importance of revenue generation for your store, which is why we carry a wide array of general items that our customers appreciate. Some items that we carry are Lighters, Vape Flavours, Lip Balm, Cotton Swabs, winter wear, Zippo and Phone accessories.